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Blinker Fluid


Let you tell you something, brother. My blinkers were causing me so much grief before I bought is product. I had been to the mechanic a half-dozen times trying to get them to stop blinking and making that tick-tick noise. It was driving me and other drivers crazy. I even went so far as to have them switched out with indicators! I didn't like those, so I tried turn signals. Even noisier! I gave up and went back to my old stock blinkers, and gave this amazing product a shot. Fantastic. Now they no longer blink, or even light up at all! The noises stopped after the "burn-in" process, which had the strange smell of burning wiring, but that only took a day or so. I recommend this product to anyone who appreciates changing lanes without warning, or is Asian, or lives in Los Angles or Connecticut, and just likes driving on their own terms with disdain for their surroundings. A+ product!
Date Added: 12/21/2012 by Pea Nut
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