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Energy Drink / Octane Booster


Energy drinks. This is something that is way out of hand these days. But - They are all the same, aren't they? Guarana, Caffeine, and lots of Sugar. It's all just masked by one artificial flavor or another. But why haven't there been any great breakthroughs? Because we had not released ours yet! If you can get email on your phone, or internet on your game console, why can't you get octane booster in your energy drink? This will give both you AND your ride some much needed pep! Includes tasty chemicals like: Toulene, Nitroglycerine and Acetalyne. Just to name a few! And as an added bonus - It can strip lead paint. Warning: Do not operate machinery while under the influence, or expect to live more than one hour after imbibing. If swallowed, consult whichever god you pray to. Do not get on skin. Do not get in eyes.

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