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Porcupine Seat Covers


Sheepskin. Leather. Neoprene. Cloth. A recipe for boring? We thought so. Sure, you could go with the flow, be a regular boring Joe like everyone else. You could don your toupee, gold chains, and slide onto those boring old sheepskin seat covers. But you won't. You're a discerning KaleCoAuto customer. You demand more. Well, put on those Oakley Blade sunglasses and your best pair of parachute pants and jump into your car - because you just bought the coolest seat covers around. Porcupine seat covers. Only for the adventurous, never for the boring. Porcupine seat covers are made with no less than 4 skins per seat! (That's about 120,000 quills, if you are counting.) Each quill is held in with a high quality resin that not only makes the seat stain proof, but also prevents the dropping of quills. Each seat is guaranteed for two full years.

  • 12 Units in Stock

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 25 March, 2012.

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