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Hephaestian Midbass


Many owners of the Mother of all Subwooferss have complained that their paltry component systems simply could not keep up with it. We searched high and low for a build house that could craete something to our specifications. Most were shocked, and one engineer went mad, tearing their clothes off and running into the forest, never to be seen again. But, at long last, a mysterious deformed, yet muscular man showed up one day, and said "I shall build this midbass, or my name is not Haephestus!" While we still do not know who he is, he did manage not only to meet, but to far exceed our specifications. The surround is Vulcanized rubber. The basket, made from a titanium alloy. The magnet, though large, is pure neodymium! And the one inch cone inside the massive surround is nothing but the purest virgin steel. Oh yes, this midbass has some serious potential. Available in 7" only. Warning, this midbass will blow your doors off! We're being quite literal.

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 25 March, 2012.

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